Three Weeks and Counting

Well, friends, we are less than three weeks out from the closing date on our house.

I’m excited, terrified, nervous, excited….did I say terrified?

It’s tough trying to buy a house around the holidays. If my bank account bleeds any more money, I’m afraid it might collapse. Fingers crossed, we can just get in the house and figure out the rest once we get there. (Note: I am not a Dave Ramsey fanatic. I have tried following his plan, and I apparently lack moral fortitude. That’s ok because we’re figuring out our finances in a way that makes sense to us.)

But the house…..ahhhhhhh!

I spend much of the few minutes (or hours, depending on how anxious I am) before sleep dreaming about what life will look like in each room of the future home.

V's Future Room

V’s Future Room

Our daughter’s room will be her little getaway, a quiet reading nook, a place for sweet imaginary play with dolls and stuffed animals.

Our Future Bedroom

Our Future Bedroom (and yes, we will remove the gnarly carpet)

Our bedroom will be a place to relax and unwind, calming. I hope to have a small sewing corner at one end of the bedroom, but we’ll see if that’s where I decide to put it.


Imagine the living room with bright white paint, cheery yellow and red accents, and a family-focused design.

The living room will be the entry into our home, the heart of it. The place we go to play games, have good conversation, listen to music, and perhaps even play some. V will have a few constructive, Montessori style activities in this area and perhaps a little nature corner.


Just imagine: white metal dining table, sideways, up against a built in cabinet that will function as a seating bench.

The dining area will have a cozy nook area that will function as a place to share good meals and also a work space for me. The brains of our operation, if you will. I’m imagining it with a bright red cushion on the bench and maybe a chalkboard wall nearby for jotting down inspiration, meal plans, and a place to doodle.


The kitchen: a future gathering place for our family

The kitchen will be the place where we cook family meals together. V will have her learning chair (that I found on Craigslist for $75, yay!), and she’ll be able to participate in meal-making (and perhaps, mess-making as well.) We’ll set up her little table and chair here, so that she can have a snack or complete an activity while I cook, clean, or do laundry (don’t be jealous of my insanely exciting life. I know.)


The sun room. Need I say more?

And the sun room. We are so excited for this room! It will be the jack of all trades. A place to read and relax in the sun. A hideaway for overnight guests. A play corner for V with a play kitchen, another table and chairs, and an art easel. A little round dining table for tea or breakfast in the sunshine. Cannot wait!


The backyard!




Backyard: this will be my hubby’s domain. Three gigantic raised garden beds already grace this space. Soon they’ll be adorned with organic veggies, herbs, and fruit. It’ll be a place for V to run around and play with the dogs.





And lastly, the front porch will be our place to socialize, unwind, and get to know our neighbors. Perhaps even watch a storm or two roll in from the north.

Well, there is the house tour. An exercise in dreaming and imagination, with a dose of “gonna be ours” in 3 weeks reality!


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