Closing Day 12/14/12

It’s 7am. I’ve been up since 6am and my anxious body prompted me to wake at several other ungodly hours throughout the early morning.

I cannot believe that after all that we’ve been through these past few months (and much of which I have not shared), we are finally closing our our first home.

Our first home.

I’ve been repeating that mantra for years. As in, “we really need to buy our first home” or “I cannot wait until we own our first home!” It’s fueled our conversations and motives for awhile now. When we lived in Indiana and talked about buying a house, we always envisioned it in the heart of OKC near all of our favorite restaurants and coffee shops. A neighborhood where our kids could play, and we would get to know our neighbors.

And we’re finally doing it!

In less than 2 hours, we’ll be doing a final walk-through on the house, then closing immediately after.

I’m excited, anxious, a nervous ball of energy.

What will it be like to be homeowners? Can we handle the responsibility? Did we choose the right house? (I think so!) Can we make this our long-term family home?

So many years of anticipating have led up to this day. Tears, dreaming, hoping……all for a dream about to be realized.



With joy,

Boomerang Mama