Weekend Links

Here are the websites, ideas, and resources I’m digging right now:

  • Taproot Magazine: I ordered a pair of wool slippers for V from Palumba (a very cool, Waldorf type online kids store), and packed in the shipping box was a copy of this magazine. Each issue has a theme with thought-provoking essays, recipes, and ideas to live a more purposeful life. I’ve had the last issue for about 6 weeks now, and I continually refer to it. In fact, tonight I’ll be using the greek yogurt recipe to try my luck on making some homemade yogurt. 
  • “Comparison-A Speed Bump on the Road to Happiness & Simple Living”: This blog post from Smart Living 365 gave me some definite food for thought as I considered the way websites like Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, and Houzz affect the way I view my home. What is the root of my happiness? Is it how good of a “show” my home puts off OR is happiness rooted deeper, in the memories and imperfections of these four walls? As a side note, a good friend of mine and I were chatting about Pinterest and how it seems to diminish creativity. Why sweat your way through a unique creation when you can look up the DIY tutorial in 30 seconds? Thoughts?
  • Shiki Beds for Foster kids: Tuft & Needle is a company that crafts Japanese style Shiki beds and uses profits to create and supply foster kids with a safe bed. Love their mission, love the minimalist design, and the price tag is pretty nice too. 


Enjoy the weekend,

Boomerang Mama




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